Walk cycle peer review


Assessor name: Riley Foster

Your walk cycle is very nice and fluid! A lot of the joints on the model move smoothly and it mostly looks natural. The movements of the hips, knees and feet are the strongest points, as clearly a lot of effort went into the positioning and movement of them. I can see that thought went into the timing as well, as all of the limbs move at the same pace, which helps it in looking natural.

To improve on your animation you could make it more exaggerated. Perhaps add a bit of squash and stretch to the frames where the feet land on the floor, to add a little bit of a spring into the model’s step. You should also add some movement into the elbows, as they look very stiff and that takes away from it looking completely natural. Maybe you should have them sway a bit with every swing.


After I read the feed back I went and fixed my animation. I added more swing to the arms and more bounce in the steps to excaudate it more. I fixed the shoulder movements and hips movements. I then went and added some hand movement so that it would create more of an arc with the arms. Finally after that I went and added some swing in her pigtails to make her head bob more realistic.

Her is what I have so far:

Walk cycle update







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