Walk Cycle




These two videos are of walk cycles but one being of a real person and one of an animated one. These are there for reference in making my own walk cycle. The real life one helps because I can watch it and get an idea of the timing and movements for the walk. Then the animated one helps because its exaggerated and it could help me get an Idea of how far I could stretch the exaggeration.

walk cycle 1

Here is my walk cycle so far. So far I have only finished the leg movement and the basics of the first frame. I need to next work on the hips swaying, arms swinging and the shoulder movements as all of these things contribute to the overall look of the walk. At the moment I’m pretty happy how it is at this point.

It was Pretty confusing at first trying to find where the feet were meant to be placed however after the first two frames it got easier and I got better at animating it.


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