Ether Matte Painting

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In this lesson we started work on Matte Painting to create our own dystopia. I decide that my dystopia was going to a world run by magic.

I started off with a basic image of a mountain range with some trees and such. To make my Dystopia I thought of fantasy and magic. With that I came up with the idea of the Ether being filled with daemons. So I made half the image the normal world and added a castle hidden in the clouds on top of the mountain. Then on the other half I made it the ether by changing the colour hue to a more red/ping colour and added two wyverns flying in the sky. Finally in the centre I painted a yellow line straight down the middle and blurred it to create a more magical feeling to the split. Then I added a cloaked figure with a pentagram to show someone using magic to travel between the two.

I particularly like how well the Wyverns fit so well in the background and how managed to make the castle hid behind the clouds. But I didn’t really like how the bits in the centre came out, as to me it doesn’t really seem to be blending in well with the scene.


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