Substance painter intro

Today we tried out substance painter for the first time. In this lesson we was given the task of designing the default character of substance painter as a way to start understanding how to get nice piece.

With mine I didn’t know what I wanted to theme it so I just started adding colours to it to see where it went. I then came up with making a biker with a scratched up helmet to show how used it was.

This lesson I only managed to the head of the character and plan to do the body next lesson.

With the helmet I started with the centre glass bit and I added scratches, water stains and fingerprints for the detail. then I went to the body of the helmet I added warning  signs as helmet stickers then added stains, scratches and marks to make it seem like he has be in a few accidents.

To do this I  used fill layers with black masks on so that I could paint on the detail with different brushes and colours.

I really liked how the scratches on the glass turned out they made it seem more realistic. But I hope to make the rest of it look more realistic by adding more details on layers in the next lesson.


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