2.5D Platformer

This is what I have for my platformer so far:

I have finished the artwork which includes the border blocks, the ground blocks, end point, collectable and enemy block. I went with the woodsy type of feel seeing as the playable character is a bear. I also used pixel art instead of a more detailed art type because the character was very blocky and the pixel art would fit the game well.

I also finished on the characters animations so that he now fells more life like as he jumps, moves and is idle, instead of him being stiff. he now moves slightly when he isn’t moving and when he jumps and moves there is leg and arm movement.

Then there is the code I have code for the movement, to change to the next level, to pick up collectables, to have the camera track the player and to have the enemies kill you.

so far I have made three different levels for the game and I plan on making more, I also plan to add particle effects to the game so it could look more pleasing.

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