Animated Short Update

I have continued to work on my animated short.

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As you can see I have done a lot. I have added better textures to the scene, started to animated the ears and finished working on the rabbits movement. I also removed the animation from the carrot for the time being as it would become out of time when i’m adjusting the timings with the rabbit.

With the rabbit ears I used the bend on rig to make it look like the ears are not stiff and can move more realistically. As the rabbit jumps it causes the ears to move backwards as a secondary action.

I think that the ear movement has turned out well as it makes my character more life like and less stiff.

I need to improve on making the animation more smooth and try to get the carrot animated to the rabbit. ill do this by using the bend for the carrot leaves. to make it smooth I will look at the timing of the animation frames.


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