Scythe 3D Model

I have started to work on my scythe and shield in Maya 3D.

Here is what I have so far:

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I have just about finished my scythe with textures and all. At first I had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to make the bends in the handle and the blades. With the handle I used a bend tool and extruded a cylinder along the bend I had set. Then with the blades I got a cube, moved the vertexes to match the shape and extruded the end face when I needed more vertexes to work with.

After that I used multi-cut on the two blades to separate the white blade from the blue. I had thought that there needed to be more definition between the two so I extruded the blue to give the blades more depth.

Next I went to the hand grip. For this I extruded part of the handle and moved the vertexes in a way that it looked some what wavy.

Finally I textured the scythe. For the white blade I used a white sheet metal on lambert. with the handle and the blue blades I used the same metal texture but changed the colour and used blinn instead of lambert. For the hand grip I used a fabric texture on blinn then changed the colour to purple.

I really like how it turned out especially the blades which I thought that wouldn’t turn out as good as the had. I also liked how well the bend worked on the handles as I had never used it before.

Next lesson I plan to start working on modelling the shield for the scythe and maybe add more details to the scythe.




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