Weapon and Shield concepts

This lesson I focused on concept art for my weapons and shield project. I have designed a futuristic kind of feel weapons but with old school weapons such as the basic sword, the battle axe and scythe. I made the futuristic by adding colours to the weapons that normally would make you think of the future but without sticking to cliché colours such as bright green. I also changed the shapes of them. with the sword I added the two larger blades to the side of the original blade and made the handle more straight than rounded. then with the scythe which would normally be straight and only have only blade, I curved it then gave it two blades. Finally with the battle axe I curved the handle like I did with the scythe then added the extended part of the blade and the two spikes on the opposite side of the handle.

I have chosen to create the 3D model of the scythe and because you wouldn’t really be able to handle a shield with the scythe I had to think of a shield that would be able to protect the user without them having to hold it.

shield 1

So I went with the idea of having two small ‘buckler’ type of thing that would go on either arm. I used the classic buckler shape then added the two extrusions on the outside to make it look more interesting and go along more with the design of my scythe.

Next lesson, I will start on the Basic modelling of the scythe and Shield.


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