Platformer Planning

platform plan

This lesson I worked on designing the tutorial level for my platformer. I designed the level on Draw.IO.

I started out by building a straight path so that the player could learn the controls of walking. Then you would come to a piece of wool (represented by the cloud shape) which is a collectable item. next you come to a small dip which tells the player that you can jump. After the small dip and the steps there is a pit with a character in it so if the player is to miss the jump and fall in they will be able to identify the character as an enemy and if they clear the jump they would come to another pit with spikes in it and because of the pit with the enemy in it they can tell that the spikes will harm them.

Later on you come to a higher jump sequence which tells the player that they are able to either jump high or double jump.

After going through all the jumps the player comes to a flag which to most players indicates the end of a level.


next lesson I hope to carry on designing levels and then start building the game in Unity.


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