Compositing Art

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In the slide show above the pictures show 4 different Perspective views: 1 point perspective; 2 point perspective; 3 point perspective and atmospheric perspective.

1 point perspective has only 1 vanishing point. 2 point perspective has 2 vanishing points and 3 point perspective has 3. Atmospheric objects in the distance may look de-saturated.

In this lesson we worked in Photoshop making a block of concrete in a 2 point perspective picture. We then made the block look more realistic by colour correcting it.

Afterwards we changed one of the billboards to an image of our choice by using distort and colour correct.

Here is what I did:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope to improve my skills in Photoshop so that I am able to put objects into a picture and not be able to tell that it has been PhotoShopped.


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