Animated short: My Rabbit Rig

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During this Lesson of Animation we worked on building a character for a 10 second animation for my portfolio.

First I built a character for my animation, which I chose to be a bunny rabbit. I built it out of loads of spheres and a few cubes. The tooth and the ears were cubes but I smoothed and extruded the ears and bevelled the tooth the make them more realistic to my characters design. The rest of my character is made up of spheres of different sizes and the tail was a sphere which had been modelled to look more like a bunnies tail.

Next I adjusted  the Pivot point on the bunny’s tail so that it will look like the bunny is wagging its tail when animated. Then on the Hierarchy I made the body on the bunny the parent and the face, the tail and the ears the child of the parent so that it the body moves everything else will move with it but if the ears, the tail or the face was to move the body wouldn’t be effected.

Then I added a distort lattice onto the ears so that I can make them look floppy when I animate.

For my first time Rigging an object I thought that I did really well. I really liked the tails movement but I felt like it moved way to far, so that could be something I work on for next time.

When I continue with this next week I hope to have the rig working and have the distort lattice attached to the rig so when the body moves, the lattices moves with it. Then hopefully I will be able to start animating with my bunny for my short animation.


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