Juicing My Game.

In this lesson we Started ‘juicing’ the Pachinko game by adding effects to game objects. For example I have made my bounce Pad jiggle on contact with a ball. Then I made the walls wiggle if the ball hit it and finally I made the pins pop out if the ball hit them and if the ball hit the goal it would pop out.

I ‘Juiced’ my game because it would make my game play feel better. For instance when the ball hits the bounce pad it jiggles and looks like its projecting the ball back into the air, where as before the bounce pad was like a rock and it didn’t make sense how it made the ball bounce.

Before the Pins would just disappear but now they pop out so it gives it more emphasise on the peg which has been hit.

I will now continue working with the Juice box to add More detail to my game and make it feel better to play.


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