3D Modular Environments

Modular 3D art is individual models which can be merged together to create an verity of different buildings and rooms . This is usually done so 3D artists can save time and have less to keep importing when trying to make buildings to be used within a game. Overall it is a way to be more efficient when making different buildings within a level/game. Whilst researching through hundreds of different modular artwork assets, I decided to go to my all time favourite game “Overwatch” and looked at some examples of the environments and looked into the common “LEGO Bricks” which was used over are over again and the way they were used by level designers to create something which can be used within the game. Here’s an example below which shows  a few different assests for the game which have been used to create one of the spawn rooms within Overwatch created by “Blizzard.”

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I really like the theme of this artwork and how they piece together to make something which will fit within the level. Also, I like the futuristic theme which we see in the final piece. For instance, the chairs with the small panels, they look really well designed and put together they give off this futuristic theme which I really like about the overall design. Further more, you can see how the 3D artists create only a few little “building blocks” then pass them over to a level designer who can use these modular assets to create more spawn rooms within the game quicker than the artist creating the whole spawn with different assets.


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