Portfoilo Vfx Intro

I was given the task of creating a Vfx intro with myself as the main source. But before we started the task we practiced using After effects and these two projects below are the two practice modals. We first created the blinking eyes as my first ever project on after effects then we moved on to double exposure as practice for the real thing.

I used tools such as Keying to get rid of the green screen, screen matte to make sure all the colour in the background was corrected and feathering to smooth out the image and fade it into the image behind. We also focused on using alpha matte to make one image faze through the silhouette of another image.

So here is the finished project of my Portfolio intro:


I had a background of a jungle waterfall with my silhouette with a video of a wolf howling fazing through.

I would hope to continue working on my vfx skills and maybe later improve this video by adding something to the background image such as extra leaves or an animal to make the background a bit more interesting.


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