Unity Game Research

collageThe Temple run trilogy is a set of three games made for mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows Phone, where the player basically does only one thing – runs away from things. First published in 2011, the game became an instant hit. In the game, a player has stolen a treasure from a temple, and now has to run away from “demonic monkeys” who are after him, trying to get it back.

collage 2In shortest possible terms – Kerbal Space Program is rocket science made simple. It’s a game of strategy, planning and execution – careful planning and proper execution give some of the most rewarding feelings achievable in video games.
The game revolves around Kerbals, little green humanoid aliens, who build space ships to get into orbit, or to land on other planets. It focuses on real physics, meaning constructing a proper space ship and sending it to outer space is an extremely challenging and fun task.


Escape Plan is a survival/puzzle game created by Fun Bits Interactive, made for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. In the game, the players take control of two characters, Lil and Laarg, and must guide them through a series of deadly obstacles. Failing to do so usually results in gruesome, yet humorous and entertaining deaths.  The game was built with the Unity 3D engine, and is praised for its creative use of Vita’s inputs, such as the gyroscope and the front and rear multitouch panels.
Back in April of 2012, Escape Plan was the number one selling PlayStation Network game on the PlayStation Vita.


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