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Image result for dreamworks and pixarHi, my name is Georgie-mae Poxton, 16, and I’m currently working on the NextGen collage Course in game design, VFX and animation. Obviously, I like games, cartoons and movies otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

I’m interested in animation in games, films and Tv shows and hope to pursue it as a job. I am also interested in coming up with the story and plot of the games. I hope to work in one of the big film companies such as DreamWorks, PIXAR and Disney, and if not in films work with a game company to animate the game characters.

I hope to get new skills for animating and designs to make me a better animator. I also hope to get lots of experience and examples to make a great portfolio.

Starting the rig

Today the Character modeller finished the Model for the playable character and gave it to me to start rigging and i need to finish adding IKs and Painting weights. Once that is done he is ready to animate and the animation can add his clothes.

The rest of the team are working on burn-down charts, and all the other preproduction stuff. Consept art is also underway getting things ready for the artbook.

My Synoptic Project

I have been placed on a 9 man synoptic project team, called Project Eden, as the Animator.

As we are a big team, we are split into 3 groups. specialists- which is the animator, coder and artist. then the other two groups are 3d artists working on the environment, objects and characters.

We have already talked about our scrims. All nine of us will have a big scrim at the beginning and end of the week. Then as 3 smaller groups we will have scrims in the middle of the week to talk about what we have to do in our section.

We have also set up a Trello to keep a list of things that needs to be done and when. Then we also have a github and google drive accounts to easily share work to one another.

At the moment we are working on preproduction so that we have all the research we need to make our game.

Dancing Juice Box

While i had some free time between the presentations and getting put into groups for our synoptic project so did a bit of animation to pass the time. I got a rig of a juice box from the internet and i animated him dancing. Here he is.

I originally did it differently but i didn’t like it so restarted it and did it differently and that is what you see there. At the moment he is not finished as that is only 10 seconds worth of animation so i hope to continue adding to it when i have more time.

synoptic pitch.


I have now finished my pitch. I finished drawing my story board up so that the people i am trying to get on board of my pitch have a good idea of what they will be creating.

In the beginning you will get to meet the toy who are in a big pile on the floor and you can see the leg of the little boy leaving the room. Once the boy leaves the teddy bear gets up and starts rallying together the other toys and telling then his plan to take down the boy. After that he asks if everyone is in but there is one toy who is a collectible so he refuses to help. Other than that all the toys are in. The boy comes back and first the toy soldiers grab onto the shoe of the boy to distract him. Then Stretch Armstrong grabs his legs to bring him down to the floor. They tie him up and claim the room as their own. The END

I really like the idea of this animation and i would love to see it when its finished. so i hope it gets picked.

Pitch for my synoptic project

We have been given two weeks to come up with a pitch for our synoptic project. we are now on the last week and here is what i have so far.

I have chosen to do a pitch for an animation based on toys having an uprising against the child who owns them. I have the idea of making is so you don’t see the child but you know that he’s there because of sound and maybe seeing just his hands or legs. I want to style all the toy models kind of like the pop vinyl figures, so square like faces and solid circle eyes.

I’m asking for 2 animators, 2 artist and two modelers so there is never tons of work thrown on just one person and things can get done faster.

i have almost finished my pitch i just have to draw a story board and describe the most viable project.

Elements to a story

We are going to create the basic elements of a story to then create a character for that story. But before we can we have to dissect the elements of a story already written.

I have chosen War Horse.

Setting – The main setting of war horse is the front lines in France and Belgium during WW1.

Characters – Joey, Albert Narracott, Captain Nicholas

Plot – Albert and his beloved horse, Joey, live on a farm in the British countryside. At the outbreak of World War I, Albert and Joey are forcibly parted when Albert’s father sells the horse to the British cavalry. Against the backdrop of the Great War, Joey begins an odyssey full of danger, joy and sorrow, and he transforms everyone he meets along the way. Meanwhile Albert, unable to forget his equine friend, searches the battlefields of France to find Joey and bring him home.

Conflict – War, death and being separated from each other

Resolution – Near the end of the war joey and Albert end up finding each other and the other soldiers help Albert buy him back.

Point of View – The point of view is both Albert and Joey as they try and find each other.


My plot and its Break down

Setting – Earth in the year 3480

Plot – On Earth there has been many of wars and brought the human race to near extinction. Due to this a new system was put into place where from the ages 16 – 19 you go through many of tests to find your partner for life. Once you are 19 and the test hasn’t found you a match, you are separated from the rest of society and placed in the ghettos where you would have to fall in love “human way”

Theme- The few Vs The Many

Character: Jeremy Ostern